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  • 這真不是您需要的產品?
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    •   1、本機床是適用于軸類、盤類零件的精密高效加工。   2、采用45°整體高強度鑄鐵斜床身,排屑流暢,剛性好。   3、采用高剛性滾動導軌,定位精度高。   4、八工位液壓刀架,就近換刀 。   5、高速主軸單元(4000rpm)。   6、液壓尾座。   1. This machine tool is suitable for precise and efficient machining of shaft and disc parts.   2. 45 ° integral high-strength cast iron inclined bed is adopted, with smooth chip removal and good rigidity.   3. It adopts high rigid rolling guide rail with high positioning accuracy.   4. Eight station hydraulic tool holder, change the tool nearby.   5. High speed spindle unit (4000rpm).   6. Hydraulic tailstock. 了解更多:http://www.yujie-machine.com/productshow_123.html http://www.yujie-machine.com/prolist_t2.html

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